GrowEasy customers can receive real-time leads generated from their campaigns through a webhook. Follow the steps below to configure your webhook and start receiving leads instantly.

Steps to Configure Webhook

  1. Share Details with Support
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Subject: "Webhook Configuration"
    • Include the following details in your email:
      • Webhook Endpoint
      • Failure Alert Email
      • Secret Token
      • Auth Token
    Note: Either a secret token or an auth token must be provided.
  2. Webhook Trigger
    • As soon as a lead is generated from your campaign ads, GrowEasy will trigger your webhook, passing the lead details.

Sample Webhook Request

curl -X POST \
     -H "Content-type: application/json" \
     -H "x-secret-token: YOUR_SECRET_TOKEN_GOES_HERE" \
     -H "authorization: Basic YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN_GOES_HERE" \
     -d '{
          "leads": [
              "created_time": 1708764215,
              "leadgen_id": "455674000351758",
              "field_data": [
                  "values": ["Yes"],
                  "name": "question4",
                  "label": "Are you involved in any form of agricultural activities such as farming or agribusiness?",
                  "type": "CUSTOM",
                  "key": "question4"
                  "values": ["Wheat"],
                  "name": "question5",
                  "options": [
                    {"value": "Castor", "key": "crop_castor"},
                    {"value": "Rice", "key": "crop_rice"},
                    {"value": "Wheat", "key": "crop_wheat"},
                    {"value": "Chickpea", "key": "crop_chickpea"},
                    {"value": "Mustard", "key": "crop_mustard"},
                    {"value": "Millet-Bajra", "key": "crop_millet_bajra"},
                    {"value": "Corn", "key": "crop_corn"},
                    {"value": "Cumin", "key": "crop_cumin"}
                  "label": "Which crops do you currently grow? (Select all that apply)",
                  "type": "CUSTOM",
                  "key": "question5"
                  "values": ["Parthraj Sinh Jadeja"],
                  "name": "question1",
                  "type": "FULL_NAME",
                  "key": "question1"
                  "values": ["[email protected]"],
                  "name": "question2",
                  "type": "EMAIL",
                  "key": "question2"
                  "values": ["+919426600000"],
                  "name": "question3",
                  "type": "PHONE",
                  "key": "question3"
              "campaign_name": "Agriculture and Agribusiness",
              "campaign_id": "120204565325810187"

Integration with CRM or Zapier

Once you receive this data, you can integrate it into your CRM (e.g., Zoho) or with Zapier.

  • Duplicate Check: Use fields like campaign_id and leadgen_id to check for duplicates since the same webhook can be retried multiple times.
  • Data Extraction: Extract lead details by parsing the received data and checking for label, type, and values[0].

Handling Webhook Failures

If your server cannot accept the webhook, an alert email will be sent to the configured failure alert email address.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly receive and manage leads generated by your GrowEasy campaigns, ensuring timely and efficient lead handling.