Frequently Asked Questions

What is GrowEasy? What do you do?

GrowEasy is an AI-powered lead generation app. We run lead generation campaigns on Facebook & Instagram on behalf of businesses and share real-time leads with them. We leverage AI for targeting, Ad creatives, Ad copies, etc.

How does GrowEasy simplify the lead generation process?

GrowEasy simplifies lead generation by enabling users to kickstart a campaign in less than 5 minutes. Users need to share information about their business and target customers, and GrowEasy's AI takes care of everything—from Ad creatives and copies to Lead forms and detailed targeting.

How quickly can I expect results from my lead generation campaign on GrowEasy?

Thanks to GrowEasy's AI, users can experience real-time leads flowing in within minutes of launching their campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. The efficiency of the AI ensures a swift and effective response to your marketing efforts.

Where will I get leads generated from GrowEasy?

As soon as your campaign generates a lead, we deliver it directly to your WhatsApp and email. You can also see all leads in your app dashboard. You can export it as a CSV and use our inbuilt CRM feature.

Does GrowEasy guarantee leads?

We cannot guarantee leads since it depends on the industry, audience, and product. However, our AI generates highly engaging creatives, copies, targeting audiences, and lead-qualifying questions. If you run your campaign for 3-7 days, you should see good results.

What are your plans for lead generation campaigns?

We recommend Rs 5000 for 10 days. Our minimum plan starts from Rs 1000 for 2 days. However, you can customize plans as per your needs by selecting a custom budget.

I ran a lead generation campaign using GrowEasy, but I did not get many leads.

While our AI takes care of Ad Creatives, you should also edit it so that it represents your product well. You can also upload your own creatives. Another thing to note is targeting and budget. Make sure to target only relevant locations and choose a suitable age range. Also, ensure you give a good budget and run the campaign for a minimum of 3 days. With all these factors, you should see very good results in terms of lead quantity and quality.

I represent a digital marketing agency, and I want to partner with GrowEasy.

Awesome! We are also looking to partner with agencies, freelancers, and affiliates to work on a revenue-sharing basis. Please get in touch!

Does GrowEasy have a mobile app?

Apart from the web, we are also available on the Google Play Store. You can find links in the footer.

What will be the CPL (Cost per lead) for my ad campaign?

It really depends on your product, target market, and industry. We suggest trying out a few campaigns and then comparing them with your past performance.

Who are your customers? How is their experience?

We have several customers in real estate, interior design, IT services, healthcare, education, etc. Some of our notable customers are Flabs Pathology Software, Zendot - Tech & Digital Consulting, and Purple Ribbon Healthcare. We have 100% customer satisfaction since we provide the best quality leads at the industrys lowest cost. Please get in touch for more details.

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