How to generate quality leads using AI in Healthcare?

Whether you are looking to expand your business presence or increase customer engagement in Healthcare, GrowEasy is here to empower you with AI-driven lead generation solutions tailored to your needs.

About Healthcare industry

The healthcare industry encompasses a wide range of services aimed at maintaining or improving people's health, including hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies, medical devices, health insurance, and more. It involves various professionals such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and researchers working together to provide patient care, conduct medical research, and develop treatments. With a growing emphasis on technology and innovation, the healthcare industry is increasingly integrating AI to improve diagnostics, patient management, and operational efficiency.

Why Choose GrowEasy for Lead Generation in Healthcare?

Launch Campaigns in Minutes: With GrowEasy, launch lead generation campaigns on Facebook and Instagram in just 5 minutes.

AI-Powered Creatives and Copies: Leverage generative AI to create compelling ad copies, banners, and target optimized audiences specific to <CITY>.

Real-Time Lead Delivery: Get started with as little as Rs 1000 and start receiving leads within minutes. Get real time leads notifications on Whatsapp and Email

Built-in CRM: Utilize the built-in CRM to classify your leads, add notes, and follow up.

What are the steps to generate leads in Healthcare?

1. First step is to Login to GrowEasy


2. Next, create a new campaign by clicking on the plus icon from the dashboard.

3. Fill in your business details.


4. Choose demographics and specify your audience.


5. Based on your details, AI will generate ad creatives. Choose 3 banners from the generated options, or upload your own custom creatives.

6. Choose an ad budget plan.


7. The last step is to launch the campaign by completing your payment.

8. Once your ad campaign is live, we will deliver generated leads in real-time to your email and WhatsApp. You can also visit the dashboard and download all leads in CSV format.

Our DIY platform allows any business person to initiate lead generation effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does GrowEasy generate leads in minutes?

GrowEasy uses advanced AI to quickly set up and run targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google, generating quality leads in real-time.

How does GrowEasy ensure Quality Leads for my Healthcare business?

We prioritize quality over quantity. GrowEasy utilizes sophisticated targeting parameters and AI-driven audience selection to deliver highly relevant and qualified leads tailored to your Healthcare business.

Do I need marketing skills to boost my Healthcare business?

No marketing expertise is required! GrowEasy simplifies lead generation with user-friendly tools and intuitive interfaces, enabling businesses of all sizes to achieve marketing success in Healthcare.

How much does it cost to start receiving Leads in Healthcare business?

Start your lead generation journey with GrowEasy for as little as Rs 1000. Our flexible pricing options cater to businesses of all scales in Healthcare.

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